What are the Benefits of Hemp Seeds and CBD Oils?

Learn about the differences between hemp seed oil & CBD oils. Discover the potential health benefits of both products & how they can be used.

What are the Benefits of Hemp Seeds and CBD Oils?

The main difference between hemp and cannabis is the amount of each compound they contain. Cannabis contains more THC and less CBD, while hemp contains more CBD and less THC. Hemp seed oil and CBD oil are both derived from the cannabis plant, but they are extracted from different parts. Hemp seed oil is taken from the seeds, while CBD oil is taken from the flowers, leaves, and stems.

Hemp seed oil is clean and legal on all levels, while CBD oil has a lot of legal gray areas. People won't get high when using hemp seed oil, as it doesn't contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and little or no CBD. In addition to CBD extract, Penguin CBD oil is also made with hemp oil, MCT oil, terpenes and natural flavors. Hemp oil is known to help treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema because of its moisturizing properties. Both CBD oil and hemp seed oil have numerous potential health benefits, but because research is limited, scientists must continue to study them. Hemp seed oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which promote heart health.

It also contains almost imperceptible amounts of THC, 0.3% or less. Hemp oil has been studied for its potential to help treat skin conditions, improve heart health, reduce inflammation, and more. CBD oil is derived from the leaves, stems and flowers of hemp and cannabis plants. It has been studied for its potential to help with anxiety, pain relief, inflammation, seizures, and more.

Since the approval of the first cannabidiol (CBD) drug by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), consumers have become increasingly interested in the benefits of hemp seeds and CBD oils. It's important to note that hemp seed oil and CBD oil are very different products. Hemp seed oil does not contain THC or CBD, while CBD oil does. If you're looking for ways to improve your physical health and your omega intake, consider hemp seed oil and its research-backed benefits. If you're looking for therapeutic benefits, you'll want to try CBD instead of hemp seed oil.